“Oxy-Fi” is a DeFi project that consistently and transparently invests profits back into the DeFi community to elevate everyone in its ecosystem. Oxy-Fi’s protocols and fundamentals have been designed to leverage innovations to sustainably provide high-yield returns to our investors in the long term.
  • Innovations to take DeFi to the next level: We are the first DeFi protocol to empower our holders to create their own Oxy-Node, enabling the protocol to create custom reward packages for each and every holder. A node’s rewards can be upgraded through ownership of one of three Oxy-Fi NFTs, each of which can be leveled up infinitely to continue boosting rewards.
  • Sustainable high-yields in the long term: The Oxy-Fi protocol uses carefully considered incentives and taxes to ensure the longevity and long-term growth of the protocol.
  • A DeFi ecosystem: Oxy-Fi profits will be used to create a DeFi launchpad and specialized NFT Marketplace. Revenues from these multiple sources of income will be reinvested back into the Oxy-Fi community - a virtuous cycle that elevates everyone in the ecosystem.
  • Multiple chains: Oxy-Fi is the first-ever DeFi protocol to launch on three separate chains simultaneously: Ethereum, Fantom, and Avalanche. A large pool of bridging liquidity is deployed to maintain the same $OXY price across all three chains. $OXY holders can access all their nodes on all three blockchains on one single Oxy-Fi Dapp.
~This whitepaper sets out these fundamentals and more; and details exactly how Oxy-Fi will deliver high-yield, sustainable in the long-term.
Last modified 11mo ago