NFTs Incentives
  • We are the first DeFi protocol to empower its holders to boost their yield and benefits through ownership of "Rewards Upgradable NFTs" within the same DeFi ecosystem.
  • Each NFT has a level. Holders can use their $OXY to level up their NFTs to increase their benefits.

Benefits of Oxy-Fi NFTs

There are three types of Oxy-Fi NFTs, each of which allows holders to boost their returns in a variety of ways. The proceeds and profits from NFT sales are reinvested into the treasury and rewards pool, further improving the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Level up your NFTs to Increase Rewards

~Note that the following values are not absolute. Exact values will be announced soon.
  • The base-level benefits of the Oxy-Fi NFTs (detailed in the table above) can be further improved by upgrading the NFTs. Holders can level up their NFTs by spending $OXY - which will be reinvested into the protocol to bolster sustainability and longevity.
  • Base level NFTs will have 2.5% rewards. Upgrading your Oxy-Fi NFT from level 1 to level 2 will cost 1 $OXY, and will boost the benefit by 2.5%. Upgrading your Oxy-Fi NFT from level 2 to level 3 will cost 2 $OXY and will boost the benefit by another 2.5%. Upgrading from level 3 to level 4 will cost 4 $OXY and will boost the benefit by another 2.5%. NFTs can be leveled up INFINITELY. The cost of an upgrade will always be double the cost of the previous upgrade, and will always boost the benefit by an additional 2.5%.
  • The table below shows the relevant benefits for each NFT for the first 4 levels.
~The benefit percentages detailed above are for not yet confirmed, and are example incentive amounts to demonstrate how Oxy-Fi NFT upgrades function. The actual benefit percentage will be announced soon.
There is a distinction between an NFT’s rarity and level. The rarity determines the type of benefit the node enjoys, whilst the level determines the amount of benefit the node enjoys.
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Benefits of Oxy-Fi NFTs
Level up your NFTs to Increase Rewards